Mr. Madhav Reddy

Madhav ReddyMr. Madhav Reddy, Founder & CEO, RedMad Learnings

Madhav Reddy is a Corproate Trainer & Educationist. An MBA by education and Trainer by profession has an overall experience of 10 years.

He has conducted various seminars for students & Coporate Employees and helped them Identify their Identity. He is famous for his friendly nature with every one. He makes the seminars interesting by mixing it with fun & various activites. He is very innovative in his work and received many awards & rewards from the organizations for which he worked for.

He makes people understand the importance of Learning. He explains, the heights one can achieve my continously updating oneself with new learnings.

According to him, ” The way one presents himself before public portrays his character. His confidence in speaking before thousands of his collegues and others leads him to his destiny”.

He helps people in overcoming their weaknesses and developing on their strengths. He shares real life experiences of great people to motivate them.

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